Problem Solver


Areas MUKIIBI ROGERS JOHNSON is Knowledgeable in:

mathematics and science communication/publication

MUKIIBI ROGERS JOHNSON's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. science publication
  2. media house manager
  3. software engineering
  4. programming
  5. physical sciences i.e mathematics
  6. mathematic research
  7. data base security
  8. research
  9. science communication
  10. problem analysis

MUKIIBI ROGERS JOHNSON's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i was involved in putting up an environment of science reporting in Uganda-Africa. I therefore spear headed the starting of a science magazine called "innovation plus" which focuses on science communication and naturing innovativeness and creativity down here in Uganda.
    Am the managing director for this is just an up coming innovative magazine that embraces new African innovations in science and technology.
  2. I did a research in basic mathematics during my undergraduate course(bachelor of science).
    it was about how easily one can multiply 2 digit similar numbers.
    i.e 22*22
    i generated a general formular to do this. i.e
    where k=a*a
    e.g 22*22= 121(2*2)