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Manjula S T D Sumanadasa

Manjula S T D Sumanadasa Working as a farm manager in a leading Live Stock and Mixed Crop farm in Sri Lanka which produce fresh and dehydrated fruits and vegetables to the consumer market. Interest in innovations in the related field as well as the other various fields.
innovative methods to prevent crops from pest and deseases , Feeding animals with crop residuce, enhance the farm lands using bio degradable farm and related wastes
innovative fertilizing methods of coconut banana abd mixed crop farms using dung urine and farm wastes. environmental friendly Pest repelants and decease mitigation.
extraction of plant oils like cinnomen , coconut (extra virgin coconut oil) and development of food and consumer product based on such oils.
introduce various plant extract based medicines to mitigate health problems and cure deceases in lesser harmful way than using available medicines. (Eg: stones in urinal track, kidney) arthorities ,

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