Problem Solver

Marc de Piolenc

Marc de Piolenc
I tend to prefer off-beat problems that demand unconventional approaches for their solution. I like to learn new skills and am a quick study.

Areas Marc de Piolenc is Knowledgeable in:

Aeronautics: LTA and ground effect aircraft; aircraft-powerplant integration (e.g. wake-ingesting propulsors). Propulsion: ducted propulsors. Compound engines, which are becoming relevant again in connection with hybrid powerplants.

Techniques Marc de Piolenc Uses:

First, a very thorough search of the literature - to determine whether the problem has already been solved, and if not to obtain the necessary data for my own solution. Then, straightforward analysis of the problem - breaking it down into major sub-problems, and those subproblems into specific tasks. I try to always remain alert to the possibility of completely unconventional solutions that offer significant advantages.

Marc de Piolenc's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. structures - thin shell
  2. engines - compound internal combustion, including free-piston engines
  3. power generation - nuclear
  4. automotive - bus conversion (common carrier to motorhome, office, etc.)
  5. aeronautics - tailless aircraft
  6. aeronautics - ground effect craft (hovercraft and wing-in-ground effect vehicles)
  7. aeronautics - lighter than air (balloons and airships)
  8. propulsion - ducted propulsors (ducted fans, shrouded propellers, Kort nozzles, etc.)
  9. water supply - hydraulic ram pumps, rainwater collection and storage
  10. process - desalination of seawater (distillation-based processes)

Marc de Piolenc's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Water supply:
    Calculated hydraulic ram pumps for delivering spring water above the spring elevation and air-lift pumps for use as well pumps.
  2. Airfoil section design:
    Light aircraft designer needed low-pitching-moment section for a cross-country airplane project. I extended the NACA 747A series to include the low design lift coefficient that his project required. Did the calculations on a pocket calculator, before PCs were available.
  3. Hovercraft:
    Performed preliminary sizing calculation for several small-hovercraft projects (less than one tonne payload); devised simplified procedures for designing lift fans (axial and centrifugal) and ducting systems for improved efficiency.
  4. Power generation - nuclear
    Performed core calculations for a levitated-bed nuclear fission reactor. Designed a simplified, relatively low cost nuclear fuel cycle for small nations.
  5. Vehicle conversion:
    Designed modular electrical and control systems that reduced the weight of the wiring harness by at least 80 percent while facilitating retrofit and modification. Designed techniques and tooling for field structural repairs.
  6. Water supply:
    Completed feasibility studies for two rainwater-based water supply projects in the southern Philippines.
  7. Light aircraft propulsion projects:
    designed ducted fan systems for low speed, high specific thrust applications ranging from "trikes" to hovercraft and airboats.
  8. Aeronautics - lighter than air
    Worked on "club blimp" design for amateur construction in the 1980s. Used same skills on two consulting gigs in Malaysia, respectively designing a new small nonrigid airship (blimp) and reconditioning (and partially redesigning) one purchased from Germany.
  9. Fraud detection; feasibility analysis of energy- and propulsion-related proposals and inventions. Reverse-engineered sparsely documented projects and advised prospective investors on feasibility, originality, patentability.