Problem Solver

Muhammad Muddassir Amin

Areas Muhammad Muddassir Amin is Knowledgeable in:

Engineering etc.

Techniques Muhammad Muddassir Amin Uses:

silently thinking in silent atmosphere

Muhammad Muddassir Amin's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. communication skills
  2. PLC ladder Programming,
  3. Computer hardware,
  4. Office,
  5. Win XP,
  6. Win2000,
  7. Win 9X,
  8. Maintenance
  9. Engineering,
  10. Planning,
  11. Marketing,
  12. Team lead,
  13. Managing
  14. English,
  15. Arabic,
  16. Urdu,
  17. Hindi,
  18. Malay,
  19. Punjabi,
  20. Sindhi.

Muhammad Muddassir Amin's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. , I developed expertise to planning organization, ICAO and GACA meetings for safety issues of operation organization, sale purchase and maintenance repair overhaul of Aircrafts and engines by using EzM, CMMS, MROS softwares, valuation and implementation on AD’s and SB’s sheet, inventory records, designing, demolishing, analysis, inspection, as well as deals about projects, follow up tenders, contracts, quotations, negotiations, commercial and in house managements from whole over the world. As well as I was nominated by renowned company for inspection of machineries in foreign countries.