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Muhammad Zahid Yamin

Muhammad Zahid Yamin Chemical Plant Operation:-
Chemical process control system, Monitor Process control instrument, Process control equipment, Start up & shut down & troubleshoot equipment, Isolate & prepare process units or production equipment for maintenance, Operate Electronic control, Adjust equipment, piping & tubing, valves, pumps, compressors, motors, heat exchangers, cooling towers, filters, dryers.

Lead Process Operation:-
Process, Handling, Storage of Lead in the form of different salts like lead Acetate, Lead Nitrate, & Lead Styphnate, Lead Azide also Handling Azides (N3) like NaN3.
Processes of raw materials convert to solutions. Completing process check.

Chemical Solution:-
Solution Process, Refining, Weighing, Mixing, Testing, Sampling, Storage, Transferring, Filtration, Specific gravity, Adjustment, Temperature.

Chemical Acid:-
Acid Process, Mixing, Testing, Sampling, Storage, Transferring, Filtration, Transportation.

Chemical Material:-
Chemical material handling, Stock control, Store keeping, Stock counting, Control raw material, Maintain consumption, Transfer stock, Adjust stock, stock report.

Chemical Laboratory:-
Operate & maintain laboratory equipment, Assist in setup & conduction of chemical experiment, Sampling, Testing and Analysis of chemical solutions, compile records, Interpret experimental & Analytical results.

Chemical Disposal of Waste:-
Chemical waste solution Process & handling, Collection & disposal of waste, Cleaning chemical processing machines, Production area, Disposal of liquid & solid waste,

Distilled & Demineral Water:-
Plant operating and handling, Distillation process, Tank storage, Filtration, Transportation.

Work with Industrial Safety:-
General safety law, Safety on work place, Safety equipment, Safety articles, Plants equipment, Operators equipment, Process equipment, First aid equipment, Fire fighting equipment, etc.

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