Problem Solver

Muhammadhayat Zulfi

Areas Muhammadhayat Zulfi is Knowledgeable in:

Human Recourse, Personnel management , Industrial Relations and general administrations

Techniques Muhammadhayat Zulfi Uses:

Interviews of problem seekers through questioners, phone or physical conduct

Muhammadhayat Zulfi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem Shooter of HR issues,Personnel issues
  2. General Administration of Factories issues
  3. Labor Handling issues

Muhammadhayat Zulfi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -Conducted training workshops at various places on Labor Laws in Practice,Motivational Tools ,Stress management and HUMAN RESOURCE in practice
    -HANDLED Labor Unions and signed contracts.
  2. -I have developed and implemented HR policies,procedures and systems (Rules and Regulations) Code of conduct for six large GROUPS OF Industries.
    -Completed Compensation Survey of three organizations
    -Completed motivation survey of employees of three organizations.
    -appraised performance of several emploees in various indutries
    Developed performance systems