Problem Solver

Mustafa Hamad

Areas Mustafa Hamad is Knowledgeable in:

general physics, energy conversion, dynamics , mathematics...

Techniques Mustafa Hamad Uses:

first i have to outline the main problem, study what we have got in our hands, from resources to machines, and after that i would try to seek a scientific methodical way to reach the solution of that problem.

Mustafa Hamad's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. quick-learning skill, determination, insistent, i must come up with something , if not the solution itself mabye the outline

Mustafa Hamad's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. well, i like to be creative, as i have been famous about posing intriguing questions in the fields of math and physics... i have got an idea about transforming the magnetic energy into mechanical or electrical, still under process...