Myoung-Su Kim

Myoung-Su Kim
- Education

2003 B.S. degree in Biology, Dong-A University, Busan, Korea.
August 2008 ~ Master’s Science degree in Biology, Ball State University,
Muncie, IN

- Professional Experiences

September 1997 ~ August 1998 Lab Assistant, Microbiology, Department
of Biology, Dong-A University.

March 1999 ~ August 2001 Lab Assistant, Molecular Microbiology,
Department of Biology, Dong-A University.

September 2001 ~ February 2002 Fish Technologist, Busan Aquarium,

April 2002 ~ February 2003 Aquarist and Fish Technologist, Busan

April 2003 ~ July 2007 Food Safety Microbiologist, Food Safety
and Food Microbiology Laboratory,
Dong-Eui Food Science and Biotechnology Center,
Dong-Eui Institute of Technology, Busan, Korea.

January ~ May 2010 Lab Assistant, Pathogenic Bacteria,
Department of Biology, Ball State University, IN