Problem Solver

Nikolay Pavlov

Areas Nikolay Pavlov is Knowledgeable in:

General electronics,
silicon photomultipliers,
nuclear detectors,

Techniques Nikolay Pavlov Uses:

Analysis of physics involved
Search for prior knowledge
Consultation to experts
Search for similar problems solved before

Nikolay Pavlov's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. nuclear detectors
  2. detonators and blasting equipment
  3. general electronics development
  4. photodetectors
  5. signal processing
  6. sensors and imaging

Nikolay Pavlov's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have patent and proven prototype of video-rate mm-wave imaging system
    Several patent applications related to Silicon Photomultipliers, Medical Imaging, Industrial sensors
    Won Innocentive Challenge on Nuclear Test Monitoring and Verification Methods
    Author of proven innovative readout electronics architecture for medical PET/SPECT imaging
    Identified complex problems in Atmospheric Laser links and low noise multichannel detectors and PET imager