Problem Solver

Nirlipta Pathy

I dont guarentee to solve your problem but yes I will let you come out of your negativity.

Areas Nirlipta Pathy is Knowledgeable in:


Techniques Nirlipta Pathy Uses:

Think in a way which people ignore because they think it's very childish.

Nirlipta Pathy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Think Positive and Differently

Nirlipta Pathy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. In the organization I was working, a particular set of process was requird to meet the client need. When I pitched in, with the technical support we create a interohase which reduces the task time requirement to half of earlier time.
  2. In my personal Life, I came across characters who go down in their life and dont want to live. I tried my best to make them feel special and I can proudly say most of the time I am success.