Problem Solver

Omoleye James

Areas Omoleye James is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical & mechanical Engineering, Electronic Pulse system and Enviromemntal Science; General societal/interpersonal challenges

Techniques Omoleye James Uses:

Application of basic multidisciplinary Science & Engineering technological toolols

Omoleye James's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Environment: gas flare effect on roofing sheet
  2. Interpersonal Relationship: good level of wisdom - ability to befriend two enemies thus reducing their hostility towards each o
  3. Energy: artificial hyddroelectric power generation
  4. green technology: speed control using pulse technology
  5. Engineering: patents on two electro-mechanical products
  6. Research: multi disciplinary research works with 2 Patents
  7. Professional Inventors: two patents obtained and three others on line for application

Omoleye James's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have introduced an innovation into the design of electronic pulse technology
  2. - I have developped a food processor for a local favorite dish in Nigeria with the typical aroma missing in previous processor that was not acceptable to the people
  3. - i have helped an Oil compampany discover the mistery of rapid roof corrosion in an oil prospecting region of Nigeria
  4. -i have developped and patented an incubator that can function both at temprate and hot tropical regions of the world
  5. - I have designed , developped and patented a baby rocking bed