Problem Solver


I am here to listen to your problems. You can trust me for my off-the-beaten- track solutions. It will excite me more if you say, you want me to identify your hidden profits!

Areas PRASHANT CHANDOLA is Knowledgeable in:

Business related problems and their plans .


Simple brain storming. When I need additional information, I refer to searching online.

PRASHANT CHANDOLA's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. foreign currency investments
  2. foreign currency investments
  3. outsourcing
  4. e-commerce modelling
  5. profit maximization
  6. business expansion
  7. vertical line integration
  8. Innovative business ventures
  9. identification of hidden profits in the running business
  10. innovatve approach towards client acqisition and retention

PRASHANT CHANDOLA's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. The most interesting problem of my life came up when the company was considering shifting to new premises, because the most affluent director was adamant on fixing the conference room, in a particular location ( for some superstitious reasons ). The office structure just didn't allow that by all manipulations because of the neighboring director rooms, operations hall and the reception.
    The entire set up is hard to explain but my simple solution was to shift one wall of the director's room, to the other side of the conference room. Result, with just one wall moving to the left, director's room shifted to right of the conference room, ( which earlier was on the left )Did you get that, conference room and director's cabin had interchanged places, all because the central wall had moved. I know quite funny, but trust me, I became the directors' blue eyed guy.
  2. I am presently designing a forecasting theory for the forex Industry which itself is my unique brainchild. Last innovation of this kind was being created 700 years back. There is some time before I make it pubic but it is some innovation.
  3. Parth softech was a company with lack of adequate capital and manpower to cater to client growing needs. Employees of Parth were dissatisfied for no growth reasons and no salary increments. A business collapse was on the cards. There was a danger of losing the clients and that's when I came into the picture and decided to design a franchisee model for the company. experienced staff was converted into trainer and supervisors and they were to go to franchisee associates of parth who would design the same office, adopt the same technology at their cost and reruit people to run the processes. Parth started assigning business to them, and the supervisors of Parth took over the show. Revenue increased as now, Parth softech had added capacity to show to its clients. All at no cost.
  4. Mortgage Brokers of U.s. and Canada used to outsource the lead generation work to Indian call centers . The problem came up when , the call centers started selling the same leads to multiple brokers, resulting in deteriorated conversion rate for brokers. .
    I studied the entire process of morgage lead generation to closing loans and identified a point called 1008 form submission. This was when the client would return signed from to the broker.I named it as '1008 leads' , which were two advanced stages of simple lead generation. It saved the brokers all efforts to follow up on the client and have the form filled. It also saved their cost of additional manpower and space. At the same time, the genuinity of leads was restored.
    The greed of all centers was satisfied as these leads were being sold at a higher rate now ( $120 from traditional $35 a lead). Brokers were happy to find an increased conversion rate.
    In nutshell, '1008 leads' was my brainchild.