Problem Solver

Paolo Petrucciani

Paolo Petrucciani

Areas Paolo Petrucciani is Knowledgeable in:

HR, Organization, Knowledge Management, Work and Company Culture, Change Management, Democratic voting, Consensus Building Techniques, Innovative Solutions and Process paths/steps/protocols, Ratig/Grading systems

Techniques Paolo Petrucciani Uses:

Logic, trial and test, customer consensus for move-on and follow-up

Paolo Petrucciani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. change management projects (methodologies and tools/planning)
  2. organization design and delivery (org and job/mission descriptions, interaccountabilities, org matrix, etc.)
  3. human resources projects and delivery (evaluation , compensation, performance, incentives)
  4. large scale and complex or naive algorithms for HR large population in companies/enterprises
  5. knowledge management design projects, systems and tools/methodologies

Paolo Petrucciani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As a management consultant in the last 29 years I helped to solve and facilitate organizational conflicts and rendering more effective working within a team, an organizational structure or a hierarchical group.
    Most of this is done, for start-up and organizational clarity, via a very detailed and tailored job/role description with additional specifications (e.g. job requirements).
    Industry sectors most worked with: ICT, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Space, Food, Finance Services, Associations, Automotive, Electric (Utilities).