Problem Solver

Paul Malchesky

Paul Malchesky

Areas Paul Malchesky is Knowledgeable in:

Medical devices, sterilization and disinfection

Paul Malchesky's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biocides/formulation
  2. sterilization/disinfection
  3. chemistry
  4. medical publishing
  5. technical research
  6. technical management

Paul Malchesky's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I serve as Editor in Chief and Managing Editor on two peer reviewed medical device journals.
  2. I have served as expert witness in infection control case
  3. I have patents pending in chemical emulsion disinfection technology, cleaner "green" formulations, and liquid soaps and hand disinfecting solutions
  4. I have 34 patents in medical devices including blood treatments for metabolic and immunologic diseases, nanomaterials, sterilization, cleaning evaluation, sterilizer/disinfection technology
  5. I developed and brought through EPA registration a biocide formulation for treating water for oil and gas drilling