Problem Solver

Paulius Zavialovas

Paulius Zavialovas
The bigger the challenge, the stronger I feel

Techniques Paulius Zavialovas Uses:

random input
problem reversal
lateral thinking
six thinking hats
the discontinuity principle
thinker toys
forced analogy
attribute listing
morphological forced connections
Lotus blossom technique
ideatoon blueprint
assumption smashing
escape thinking
DO IT technique
unconscious problem solving
fuzzy thinking

Paulius Zavialovas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expert in collaborative work organization
  2. Effective communication
  3. NLP
  4. Experience in Innovation implementation
  5. Teamwork and motivativation coaching
  6. Expert in Computer sience
  7. Creative problem solving
  8. Creative thinking
  9. In-deph knowladge and hands-on Lateral thinking techniques
  10. Cloud computing and virtualization
  11. Expert in idea generation techniques
  12. Personality development coaching

Paulius Zavialovas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've developed a unique strategy for new business start-up, including advertizing, promoting, process optimization, recruitment, marketing, etc.
  2. I'm practicing creative thinking, lateral leadership sklills development and using virtual thinking techniques teaching/coaching. That helped solve a lot of problems :)
  3. I've had several projects on business process optimization and organizing collaborative work environment. As a result, knowladge base came up with effective communication tools and mobile applications