Problem Solver

Peermuhammad AmeerAli

Peermuhammad AmeerAli
Please post any of your problems in the above-mentioned areas (pl.ref.the anwer column of the previous question), and I am sure I can post the most practical solutions that I could come up with, with the benfit of my more than 40 years of experience in these areas.

Areas Peermuhammad AmeerAli is Knowledgeable in:

1. Developing Communication skills.
2. Solving Interpersonal Problems.
3. Educational Problems of School Children and College Students.
4. Promotion of Positive Thinking.
5. Sales Promotion Ideas.
6. Customer Care.
7. Employee Motivation.
8. Concept Clarifications regarding God and Spiritualism.

Techniques Peermuhammad AmeerAli Uses:

1. Defining the problem in the most accurate way, without any ambiguity.
2. Critical Study of all the contributary elements of the problem.
3. Identifying one or more solutions to the problem, based on the causative factors of the problem.
4. Selecting the obviously most suitable among the various solutions available.
5. Drafting a Practical Plan to implement the solution in a step by step method.
6. Implementing the Plan in a systeamatic way.
7. Periodical Review to verify whether any other modification or intervention is needed to solve the problem.
8. Final Review to verify whether the desired results have been aobtained.
9. If not, repeat all the steps, right from step 4 onwards, till the problem is satisfactorily solved.

Peermuhammad AmeerAli's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. 1.Creative communication, 2.Critical analytical skills, 3.Interpersonal skills, 4.Positive thinking, 5.Innovation & creativity,
  2. 6. Health Promotion, 7. Student Motivational Skills, 8. Social Welfare Promotion, 9. Leadership Development, 10. Practical Spir
  3. 1. Creative Communication, 2. Critical Analytical Skills, 3. Interpersonal Skills, 4. Positive Thinking, 5. Innovation
  4. 6.Health promotion, 7.Student motivational skills, 8.Social welfare promotion, 9.Leadership development, 10.Practical spiritual

Peermuhammad AmeerAli's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. When my son graduated in commerce, he wanted to go for a job immediately. My wife wanted him to go for postgraduation to improve his job market potential. My son did not want to wait for another 2 or 3 years before starting earning. I suggested he can opt for 1 year PG diploma in retail management which he did. At the end of this course he got selected in campus interview and now he is successfully working as a stores manager in a leading retail stores group.
  2. 1. When my son graduated in Commerce, he had to decide whether to go for employment or for higher studies. He wanted an immediate job. His mother wanted him to go for an MBA course. He was not interested in it because of the longer wait. I advised him to take up a PG Programme in Management. He then enrolled for a PGPM in Retail Management of one year duration. He is now a successful Retail Stores Manager and appreciates my timely advice to him.
    2. When I joined my present organization as the Chief Program Coordinator, they had a proposal only to start a General Communication Development program for fresh graduates making them employable in the market. I only suggested the idea of starting a Call Cente Training Course highlighting the effective communication skills and they readily accepted my idea. This led to a successful course of our training more than 3500 graduates in the past 4 years and helping get suitable employment in the IT and ITES fileds.