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Perry Hambright

Perry Hambright
Here I will copy and paste my patents as listed at . There are, or have been, other inventions at the patent pending and/or provisional patent stages. I am versed in the basics of patent law...what is and is not patentable. What sort of claims need to be written for broadest protection, things like that.

Patents issued to Perry Hambrigh:

1 7,007,600 Selectively positionable trash compressing apparatus
2 6,164,859 Folding album page
3 5,423,928 Process for creating transferrable pile yarn designs
4 5,407,108 Bow making machine and method
5 5,372,506 Draw-through-pattern graphics system
6 5,352,120 Process for applying beads to a substrate
7 5,306,374 Tacky pattern craft transfer process
8 5,275,871 Particulate matter image transfer apparatus
9 5,234,340 Handicraft guide
10 5,096,422 Handicraft guide
11 4,953,370 Handicraft for producing simulated needlepoint