Problem Solver

Peter Esposito

Areas Peter Esposito is Knowledgeable in:

Explosive chemistry, fuels and sources, material physics, home construction and gardening.

Techniques Peter Esposito Uses:

Abstract thinking and organization of the problem by breaking it down into what it consists of, materials, steps to create the issue etc. Conferring with others to "get the ideas flowing" and just work at it until it is solved.

Peter Esposito's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Plant biology and oil/gas development are my favorite hobbies to tie together, efficiency of fuel production could be much high
  2. Material science is used mainly when one of our customers has an asthetic preference for the construction we do for them, for e
  3. Construction is a family business along with a hobby.
  4. Green technology and forestry go hand in hand, i have taken arboriculture courses and my late father was an arborist for over 1
  5. Chemistry as a hobby lead to design and patents in fields of civil protection aswell as assisting in proper nutrition of my gar
  6. Agricultural design and maintenance of indoor and outdoor farms.
  7. I believe nothing should be wasted as it can always be converted to something for another application.

Peter Esposito's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a means of producing hydrocarbon fuel directly from green sources with higher energy output and a negative carbon footprint.
  2. I have enjoyed developing less lethal ammunition that is effective where tasers and beanbag rounds are not.