Problem Solver

Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins
I prefer to work with people whose ideas, opinions and coments are open to discussion and test. I often find that contradictory technical arguments can apply to given situation. In these cases one needs to work with another where the value of "arguments" is debated without ego and with fair appraisal from both parties.

Areas Peter Hawkins is Knowledgeable in:

Sound/audio, electronics & physics

Techniques Peter Hawkins Uses:

observation, research, parallel thinking (de Bono), quantify results, qualify assumptions, test solutions against original data and resultant ideas

Peter Hawkins's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. aware of the effects that may mean real results differ from the theory
  2. sensor interaction with physical world
  3. electronic design
  4. movement of electrons withn circuit or cable
  5. consumer product design & manufacture
  6. applying theoretical knowledge to real applications

Peter Hawkins's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Investigation (inc. practical) into the signal quality attributes of conductors whose behaviour is not readily predicted by present means
  2. Reducing background hiss in noise cancellation circuitry
  3. Making limited changes to consumer product to elevate its sales 5X and its sound to the extent that it was an award winner
  4. Creating the electronics behind a golf training aid that was brighter and battery life longer than several other international attempts
  5. Re-structure of plastics research equipment to reveal greater resolution of results