Problem Solver

Peter Krause

I am able to review any drawing and have dealt with many differnt electrical engineering firms styles of drawing and lay outs.

Areas Peter Krause is Knowledgeable in:

Motor control, soft starts, VFds.
Electrical control issues, Input & output devices, protection and control.
Electrical control Issuses.

Techniques Peter Krause Uses:

I use what ever I can get my hands on, Vendor drawings, site drawings. Go through all trouble shooting details. Monitor with metering in inspect mechanical load and design. But most of all it is my 20 years of field experince that saves the day. I have designed and installed controller room panel boards for a 30 mega watt, co-gen turbine. With no drawings, because they was none and designed and engineered the control panels and interconnection between old and new. To solve a electrical problem one most know what is being asked of the equipment and how it is controlled.

Peter Krause's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. VFD ans large motor soft start programer & (Trouble shooter)
  2. Industrial Construction electrician (Motor control terminator and trouble shooter)
  3. Commisioning industrial electrician & (Trouble shooter)
  4. Heat Trace controller programer (Trouble shooter)
  5. Oil and gas construction Electrical General foreman

Peter Krause's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Installed, wired and programed 480 volt three phase soft start for 250 HP. Band mill. The softstart handled the start and stops of the unit for about four days and then it would blow open a SCR. New board would be shipped out and replaced and unit would do it agian in 3 to 4 days. Unable to find the problem I placed a recording volt meter on the line side and load side of the soft start and start recording voltage. As it turns out the voltage was all over the place. The Bandmill of course was not the only motor load starting up, there were many motors. The Mill sytem voltage would drop to 400 volts and when all motors were starting. Once all the mills motors were up and running the system voltage would spike to 525 volts. The SCRs could not handle the voltage spike and would blow the gate out of the SCR. After the thrid board I spoke with the supplier and we placed Metal oxiod varistors across the line side of the VFDs and removed or clipped the high voltage spike.
  2. Commisioning VFDs for large heavy crude oil pumps. On start up of 16 differnet 600v 300 to 75 horse power 3 phase motors, Engineering had drawen the enables start stops wrong. Corrected the problem,Re wired all VFDs and started then up only to find that the anloge input to the VFD had been set to 5 to 10v rather then 4 to 20 ma.