Problem Solver

Peter Weller

Peter Weller
I have a strong educational background and 42 years experience in engineering. My experience is the practical, real-world kind. I have owned fabrication companies which made, sold, installed, and repaired mechanical and hydromechanical products. I have a patent and am familiar with the patent process.

Areas Peter Weller is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical design; hydraulic design; truck body design; towtrucks; car carriers; trash trucks; construction equipment; heat transfer; stress analysis; auto lifts;truck lift gates; mining equipment

Techniques Peter Weller Uses:

Use of the subconscious to solve design problems, by means of a distractive thought process; Delphi studies; morphological analysis; hands-on tinkering

Peter Weller's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Engineering analysis
  2. Mechanical design
  3. Hydraulic design
  4. Solid modeling (on computer) and CAD
  5. Stress analysis
  6. Mid level Spanish speaker
  7. Heat transfer analysis

Peter Weller's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed, designed, and fabricated a patented device for towing automobiles with a remotely-controlled hydraulic system
  2. I improved the design of a system for flat-loading a truck bed to reduce manufacturing and installation time.
  3. I analyzed problems with overheating in a garbage truck hydraulic system by developing a thermal model of the truck's operation.
  4. I improved the design of a mechanical grapple for lifting 40 ton rocks at dredging sites.
  5. I developed an adaptive system for towing motorcycles on a conventional wheel-lift type towtruck.
  6. I developed a set of brackets for mounting Optima batteries in vehicle engine compartments which use the vertical surfaces of the engine bay for support and which are configured to prevent corrosion from trapped fluids beneath the batteries.
  7. I developed a towable system for loading automobiles onto a display island surrounded by water at an auto dealership.
  8. I developed a set of hydraulic clamps for securing tree limbs in the bucket for wheel loader construction machines.