Problem Solver

Peter Zhu

Areas Peter Zhu is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical sensors, drug delivery, material design, separation, organic synthesis (design plus first plus later customer synthesis), contact lens, medical device, cosmetic areas, antimicrobial technology development, "impossible" challenges

Techniques Peter Zhu Uses:

Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, material sciences, synthesis, formulation, chemical sensing, smart molecules, low tech and high tech, separation, coating, membrane, analytical chemistry, natural product chemistry, contact lens development

Peter Zhu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Polymer and material chemistry, biomaterial
  2. Medical device
  3. Drug device and drug delivery
  4. Diagnotic and chemical sensors
  5. Innovation methodology
  6. Natural product chemistry
  7. Organic chemistry
  8. Formuataion
  9. Antimicrobial technologies
  10. Cosmetic formulation

Peter Zhu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I led multiple R&D projects in the areas of medical device, formulation, drug delivery, contact lens new technologies, sensors, chemical synthesis, antimicrobial product developmetn in JNJ, 3M, CooperVison and other companies using broad integration of my broad chemistry skills with other sciences and technologies.