Problem Solver

Petrus Jacobus Van Ginkel

Areas Petrus Jacobus Van Ginkel is Knowledgeable in:

Manufacturing, mass production, automation, informatin flow, new product development

Techniques Petrus Jacobus Van Ginkel Uses:

Researching the problem at hand, interviewing the stakeholders to determine requirements, brainstorming sessions, simulation modeling

Petrus Jacobus Van Ginkel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Office space design
  2. Production planning and scheduleing
  3. System design, devolpment and implementation in manufacturing environment and office enfironment
  4. Project management of costruction site

Petrus Jacobus Van Ginkel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I assisted in designing a workshop layout for a dog kennel manufacturer that increased production by 40%
  2. I assisted in the design of an office paperflow process in a procurement office to improve responce time of placing orders
  3. I developed a production scheduling system in a jobbing environment to help reduce production shortages