Problem Solver

Phil Jones

Phil Jones
I consider myself a creative problem solver seeking new career paths as I approach
retirement. Meaningful tech challenges in my areas of interest and expertise leading to a consulting career is my goal presently.

Areas Phil Jones is Knowledgeable in:

I would like to address those critical problems that are current need for a high tech or most efficient and elegant solution.
Areas of interest: a) robotic design solutions
b) solar energy and biofuels
c) materials science
d) bio-remediation
e) photonics

Techniques Phil Jones Uses:

research literature
define the problem(s)
explore reasonable approaches
consider funding and time restraints
prototyping (including component and integration testing)
final prototype for proof of concept

Phil Jones's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Labor Leader (UFT) 15 years
  2. Mentor for students doing INTEL projects in photonics, nanotechnology and solar biofuel production
  3. Mentor for Science Olympiad Building Events
  4. Masters in Physical Chemistry - Published 2x
  5. Mentor for USFIRST Robotics Contest (3 years)
  6. Physics and Robotics Educator

Phil Jones's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and demonstrated a proof of concept setup using a fresnel lens to convert algae directly into combustable gases and biochar. My project was recognized by the Lemelson Foundation in June 2009 at MIT.
  2. I build robots for the USFIRST competition where a team is given 6 weeks to design and complete a robot meeting very strict requirements in terms of the final robot specifications, including programming for autonomous mode.