Problem Solver

Prakash Khanzode

With my experience for last 15 years, I am a highly inspired individual. I enjoy inventing with design process and take pride in my profession of design-led-innovation.
I am passionate about creative problem solving and I see life as a great opportunity to learn and build.

Areas Prakash Khanzode is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation support & development
New product creations
Manufacturing innovations

Techniques Prakash Khanzode Uses:

1. Problem Identification by deep research
2. Lateral thinking for creative solution exploations
3. Visualisation of ideas
4. Prototypes & trials
5. Engineering detailed design
6. Design for Manufacturing

Prakash Khanzode's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technology innovation and developement
  2. Category creating products & ideas
  3. Prototype making and testing
  4. Collabotaive developements and experimentation
  5. User Research and Trends study
  6. Product Styling and aesthetic improvisation
  7. Ergonomics and Cognitive Science
  8. Creative Problem Solver
  9. Qualified Product Designer
  10. Qualified Mechanical Engineer

Prakash Khanzode's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Converting printing and imaging products for improved usability
  2. Innovative Robotics applications
  3. Ergonomically designed chairs and back-support products
  4. CNG filling station
  5. New suspension design for heavy transport vehicles
  6. Digital camera and handycam designs, with Styling
  7. Mechanically actuated patient treatment trolley for hospital
  8. Innovative mechanized hospital bed for ICU patients
  9. Portable video editing setup for on-site editing
  10. High-rise signages designs