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Praveen Gupta
To speed up innovative solutions, and improve potential for success, we have developed Business Innovator Certification (5-day), Innovation Auditing (3-day), and Understanding Innovation (1-day) training programs.

We consult by innovation projects, for developing in-house competency, or for creating a culture of innovation in an organization, and helping startups in maximizing its value proposition.

For Organizations:
- Experience in consulting with or training in organizations such as GS1US, ITW, AkzoNobel and Illinois Parks and Recreation (IPRA), and EventERP.
- Innovation training, including Business Innovator certification, for executives and professionals to develop in-house competency and speeding up innovation by 10X
- Research based Breakthrough Innovation (Brinnovation) framework, and TEDOC methodology to create a portfolio of optimized innovations for profitable growth
- Business Innovation Maturity Model (BIMM) to assess an organization's innovation assets and opportunities, and develop a roadmap for creating a culture of innovation

For Entrepreneurs:
- Consulting for maximizing value proposition for a startup using innovation science, and business development
- Coaching for people to identify their passion and opportunity for a startup
- Creativity and idea generation methods to harness creative potential in everyone

For Academia:
- Curriculum for teaching innovation in schools and universities

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Praveen Gupta's consultancy:

A filter design for arsenic removal filter using the TEDOC methodology
Reducing use of cleaning agents dramatically, project completed by production personnel.
Strategic consulting for an IT department in developing its roadmap.
Organization-wide training to executives, mid-level managers, and employees at IPRA.
Executive retreat for 200+ IT executives from 46 countries in a Fortune 50 firm. Included 4-hour training, and 4-hour problem solving session for the Innovation Cup competition. 40 teams participated in solving ten IT problems.
Develop Six Sigma methodology without statistics.
Mentored a startup in changing its focus, developing a product roadmap, maximizing value proposition, and rebranding.
Taught entrepreneurship to kids ranging 5 year to 15 year in learning their passion, and pursuing an opportunity in their community.