Problem Solver

Raico Ernesto Laria Lamela star Proven Solver

Raico Ernesto Laria Lamela
I really like to solve problems and help others looking for practical solutions in the field of biotechnology. I like Statistic and enjoy processing large quantities of data.

Areas Raico Ernesto Laria Lamela is Knowledgeable in:

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Raico Ernesto Laria Lamela's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Data analysis and statistic
  2. Titrations (potentiometric, coulometric)
  3. XRF
  4. General analytical chemistry methods
  5. DNA vector cloning
  6. DNA-RNA extraction
  7. General molecular biology methods
  8. PCR - qPCR - RTPCR - qRTPCR
  9. GC-FID
  10. ATR-FTIR