Problem Solver

Rajesh Krishnan

Techniques Rajesh Krishnan Uses:

First Step - Individual thinking with the knowledge and experience acquired.
Second Step - Discussion with a closed group of intellects of the field.
Third step - Information/alternatives from the world wide web (Internet)
Fourth step - Open Innovation/ Brainstorming.

Rajesh Krishnan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation Software
  3. Project Management
  4. Web 2.0 functional
  5. Mobile usage
  6. New Media

Rajesh Krishnan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Heading product development of an Innovation Management software in MS Sharepoint platform with a multicultural, entrepreneurial environment. Innovation is what we breathe in the company.
  2. I have deviced innovative approach to Market entry strategies in two succesful new business ventures. One in Nee media in India. Second (current) is in Innovation management software in the UK.