Problem Solver

Rodney Davidson

Rodney Davidson

Areas Rodney Davidson is Knowledgeable in:

Any thing, But I am not claiming to be a scientist or a schooled engineer, I am a natural Inventor, Designer, Garage engineer, Problem solver.

Techniques Rodney Davidson Uses:

I have always tried to think out of the box and try every possible angle towards solving the problem, But at the save time thinking of the cost of manufacturing. Just trying to keep it simple.

Rodney Davidson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. very creative in problem solving in any thing ranging from house hold items,toys,motorized vehicles, novalties

Rodney Davidson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I hold few patents, One being a new parking brake system for wheelchairs that will change the parking brake technology for wheel chairs after some 70 years!
    Another one consist of a new two stroke induction system. bicycle brake mechanism, bicycle brake cable replacement, H2O Visor.