Problem Solver

Rodrigue de Pourtales

Areas Rodrigue de Pourtales is Knowledgeable in:

Automation, manufacturing, software.

Techniques Rodrigue de Pourtales Uses:

Drill-down, 5 Whys, chunking, reverse brainstorming, affinity diagrams

Rodrigue de Pourtales's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. automation
  2. mechatronic
  3. software

Rodrigue de Pourtales's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Creating a new MMI for robotic grinding of parts, including import of data from CAD systems. I had the opinion it is possible to program the robot, so that an operator can program his new parts without ever having to input code. I also realized the program and MMI for doing so.
  2. Simulation of the carrying of watches with a robot. It is possible to generate an accelerated wear of a watch, by letting it move by a robot. I realized all the different kind of movements for the simulated movements (golf, tennis, hammering,...) and an import function for movement data measured on a real person.
  3. I imagined and developed a full automatic system to measure the position of stations by an industrial robot as to enhance the precision and facilitate the startup of the machines after transport.
  4. Realizing a machine that applies adhesive labels on a non flat surface of a wristwatch with a small industrial robot. These labels protect the polished surfaces of the watch. I developed the production system and the movements and parameters needed to apply them within 0.1mm precision.
  5. I imagined and made the concept of a new system to manage robot trajectories and make corrections and modifications in a very user-friendly way. This is a feature that is really revolutionary and is unique in the whole world.
  6. I developed a vision application allowing to detect the position of a watch carried by a robot within a 0.03mm, using an electroluminescent background light