Problem Solver

Roger Bromley

Roger Bromley
From my portfolio of ideas, over the years, around 20-30 have been independently developed into commercially successful products or solutions. Although this would normally be frustrating, it at least validates the quality of the portfolio and the potential for ideas not yet exploited. It also evidences my innovative abilities.

Areas Roger Bromley is Knowledgeable in:

Mathematics, engineering, manufacturing, consumer products.

Techniques Roger Bromley Uses:

Lateral thinking combined with analytical thinking. I also generate lots of ideas for any particular solution. Ideas equally come sponteanoulys and "to order"

Roger Bromley's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Successfully developed 4 into joint ventures
  2. Degree in Mathematics, University of Cambridge
  3. Portfolio of over 400 existing inventions, designs and innovations.
  4. Main business activity is collaboration facilitation and we are the leading specialists in Europe. For more information refer t

Roger Bromley's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Application of "smart technology" to fasteners.
  2. Advanced theorectical concept for very high sensor technology.
  3. Innovative packing solution to opening bubble packs.