Problem Solver

Rogerio Biasotto

With solid experience in the areas of Marketing, Sales & Strategic Planning acting in Brazil and Latin America.
Possessing significant experience in multinational companies in the segments: agrochemicals, seeds and chemistry.
Has a great capacity of to develop proposals of value having with base the principles of the Excellency in Sales and Marketing in the last 16 years.
To summarize the knowledge acquired there are six pillars below:
1. Customer and Stakeholders Management.
2. Excellency in the execution of the marketing plans
3. Price Strategy (transactional and value)
4. Channel Management .
5. Effectiveness Field Force.
6. CRM – Customer Relationship Management .
With the knowledge acquired in the use of these 6 pillars, this professional have conditions to develop, to implement and to manage diverse companies in a sustainable strategically base and generating value for the business.
Great ability in the Relationship with municipal, state, federal agencies public, entities of research and media in general complete this professional.
He has fluent English, Executive MBA (Dom Cabral Foundation), Executive MBA (UFRJ), post-graduation in Administration and Marketing (FAAP) and graduation in Agronomic Engineering.

Areas Rogerio Biasotto is Knowledgeable in:

Strategic thinking ,
Creation of new concetps and ideas about produt or service
Field Force Effectiveness
Customer Segmentation
Marketing Plans
CRM - customer relationship management
Channel strategy
Produtct strategy

Rogerio Biasotto's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Industrial Marketing
  2. Positiong
  3. Field Force Effectiveness
  4. Strategy
  5. Channel Strategy

Rogerio Biasotto's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. •Increase of sales turnover from US$ 80 Million in 2006 to US$ US$ 150 Million in 2007 and US$ 200 Million in 2008.
    •Increase of the Business Unit market share from 8% in 2006 to 14% in 2007 and 16% in 2008.
    •Increase of the Market Share by 4% percentile points/year versus 2.6% percentile points/ considered as year objective.
    •Increment the Business Unit market share from 4% to 10% in the market of Ethanol & Sugar Mills, in a period of just 2 years.
  2. •Had proposed and had obtained the approval from the company to redesign and implement the new way to access the market according to the type of the end costumer ,despite the former way (by geography). This initiative had influenced the company to be reorganized into 5 Business Units (Micro Dealers, Dealers, Co-op, Large Farmers and Mega Agribusiness Corporations) and each BU (Business Unit) now have no geography bounders, but all the personnel involved are specialist in one of the 5 types of end customer (it is valid for the marketing, sales, finance, supply and etc departments in the company)
    •From 2007 the company had initiated its activities to take care of the 5 Business Unit separately which has provided greater efficiency in all systems and processes and has reduced fixed costs, making possible to gain 5% of market share above the main competitor yet in the two first years of implementation.
  3. •Creation and implementation of the Micro Dealers Project: an access model that permitted the development of 10 Captive Dealers (especially dedicated to these Micro Dealers all over the Brazilian territory).
    •Conversion of dealers for the Company Flag.
    •Implantation of the OTO Dealer (kind of Franchise)
    •Leadership in procedures of planning and conduction of the national conventions of dealers involving more than 1000 people.
    •Creation of the Dealers Board of Advisers which made possible to improve our relationship with this network.
  4. •Draw and obtained the approval of the Company Latin America Multichannel Strategy: it consisted of the creation of 5 channel groups with focus in distinct segments of customers and markets which consequently had made possible the differentiation in the offers and extraction of the maximum of value of the same ones.
    •Implementation of Sales Branches specialized by the type of customer (Micro Dealers / Large Framers / Agribusiness Corporations / Dealers and Co-ops).
  5. •Creation of the National Distribution Department, Business Units Distribution Managers and Special Project Managers.
    •Creation of the Channel Marketing Department in the countries of the Latin America that until afterward did not exist.
    •Development of programs of qualification for controlling, internal sales force and the distribution.
    •Significant improvement in the access of 44% of the market that were not well accessed previously.
    •Creation and development of mapping and analyzing tools of the competitive environment and process to operating channels in the Agrochemical market, which became globally benchmarking for the company.
    •Development and implementation of the PEDSyn4 - Program of Excellency in Syngenta Distribution.
  6. Has great ability to define strategy as in the projects the Multichannel Strategy, One To One Dealers, Use Programs and Crop Solutions in the Syngenta when working in the Latin America.
    •Visionary, makes use of new chances and generates new ideas consistently.
    •Communicates with efficiency, states its ideas in clear and concise way as in the development of PEDSyn and redesigning the ways to dealing with the entire dealership networking.
    •Shows initiative, is perseverant and keeps ahead intent of the obstacles as in the introduction of the One to One sales approach and segmentation of the Brazilian market into mass market and face to face market.
  7. Creation and implementation of the One-to-One Strategy approach with personalized offers which made viable to get competitive advantage with the company portfolio and to leverage the sales in a much more effective way of what to have access these same customers by our regular Dealers, resulting in 75% of Customer Share.
    •With these results, this initiative started to be called Relationship OTO Program (that currently represents 30% of the company Sales).
    •The transformation of the Sales Force in specialists in Sales of Solution using our Portfolio as base.
    •This project allowed Novartis to become Benchmark in Assistance Technique in Brazil.
    •Launching of the first pilot of the Call Center in Uberlandia. – MG - Brazil
    •Customer Share in 1997 in OTO (face to face) Farmers was equal 27% after as year 1998 the Customer Share was raised to 63%.
  8. •Introduction with 100% of success of the new KAM (Key Account Management) structure of sales in the Business Unit with 10 KAL (Key Accounts Leaders), 24 KAT (Key Accounts Technicians) 3 Special Sales Managers, and 10 Geographic Sales Rep's.- From a regional approach to a Customer oriented approach in less than 2 years.
    •Increase of EVA (Earning Value Add) of the Business Unit from 25% in 2006 to 40% in the years of 2007 and 2008, becoming the Business Unit most income-producing of company in Brazil. (10% above of average EVA from Syngenta Brazil)