Innovative People

Ron Immink

Ron Immink • Co-developed the concept of (an innovative social media platform for entrepreneurs and SMEs)
• Author of several best selling business books in area of business planning, innovation and strategy
• Transformed Invent from incubator to the commercialisation gateway of Dublin City University with strong focus on technology ventures, entrepreneurship, innovation and outreach to SME’s. Invent is now seen as “one of the more progressive innovation/IP centres in Ireland”
• Developed extensive international experience in business development, evalaution, consultancy and training, in areas such as local economic development, entrepreneurship and venture creation, working for organisations such as EBRD/OECD/ILO in USA, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Kyrgystan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Serbia and Montenegro.
• Build two innovative consultancy companies to valuations of 1 mln.
• Successfully worked with hundreds of innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs for over 20 years

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