Problem Solver

Russell Haines

Areas Russell Haines is Knowledgeable in:

Nature, construction, green energy and green living. Others topics come to mind as well, but no topic is out of reach with some good research.

Techniques Russell Haines Uses:

I like to look at a project from all possible sides, then look for ways that maybe no one has thought of. I like to think outside the box even when doing a simple project.

Russell Haines's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Construction, wild life and nature.

Russell Haines's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Being self employed for 10 years in the field of construction, every day involves proublem solving. In many cases with older homes, you can get into just about anything. Also, when the economy turned my full time worrk into part time, I would work for a number of other companies as a temperary worker, thus gaining much perspective on other occupations.