Problem Solver

Russell Lee

Areas Russell Lee is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanism design-mechanical

Techniques Russell Lee Uses:

Base Mechanics

Russell Lee's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Employ the philosophy of Base Mechanics to solve problems as opposed to systems engineering.
  2. History of producing mechanism designs through my website (Designs for the World Project).
  3. Skilled in mechanical systems analysis.
  4. Skilled in fluid dynamics analysis
  5. Practiced in the integration of, and relationship between mechanisms and the natural forces of the world.
  6. Skilled in local resource integration.
  7. Skilled in considering local customs in the design process.
  8. Skilled in material economy.
  9. Skilled in mechanism economy.
  10. Skilled in base design definition targeting.

Russell Lee's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Blessed to have designed the world's first perpetual motion energy generator known as the Pinwheel Generator. Google: sketches of the Pinwheel Generator.
  2. Blessed to have designed the world's second perpetual motion energy generator known as the Heavy Float Pump Generator. Not now on the net.
  3. Designed the greenhouse building known as the Grow-Live Tower. Tower houses and produces over 5,000 people. Powered by the generators, these towers represent an answer to world hunger, homelessness, fossil fuel pollution-global warming, and much more.
  4. Designed the Gravity Generator that works to recharge electric cars as they are in motion. Generator uses air speed to reset a weight that has the generation system attached to it.
  5. Designed the EGB2 (Electricity Generation Buoy 2) that produces electricity with the motion produced by ocean swells. Swell motion charges the buoy with ocean water into its body sphere, along with the air pressure within the sphere, the water is forced through pelton wheel.
  6. Two river generators that produce substantial energy from smaller rivers, and work well in larger rivers. One on top riding the water, one under the surface having the water fill a modified water wheel. River wheels then power pumps that evacuate the river water from the below ground tunnel it is collecting in.
  7. Designed the SubDrive mechanism to use ocean water-pressure drive for commercial submarines. Pressurized water enters submarine, turning wheel, and into storage tank. Outside long lever, moving up and down by means of end foil, pumps water out of tank/submarine.
  8. Designed an urban smog reduction system using in-place storm drainage systems. Storm drainage systems resemble a/c vents enough that if air is pumped out of main tunnels, into steam to collect particulates, there will be a vacuum at the street drain level, drawing in air, plus emissions.
  9. Designed numerous solutions for the local effects of global warming. River and stream roofing to help keep temperatures down to counter the heating they experienced when the canopy/vegetation was cut away. Warmed river water increased the temperature of the bays and systems they empty into, changing ecosystems.
  10. Designed the search and rescue airplane called the Vertiplane. Single boom, manipulated bt screw-jacks is moved to vertical for t/off and landing, then forward for flight.