Problem Solver

Suryanarayan Patnaik

Suryanarayan Patnaik
People who seek solutions are just great, they are open minded

Areas Suryanarayan Patnaik is Knowledgeable in:

Automobile & mechanical Engineering

Techniques Suryanarayan Patnaik Uses:

Sheer imagination backed with hard work to make working samples .
I believe that any one who uses a particular problem solving technique is actually a technician & not an Innovator

Suryanarayan Patnaik's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. developed an innovative use of any digital display,code named digital miracle
  2. developed extremely high fuel economy system for cars ( about 250% i.e. 2.5 times more)

Suryanarayan Patnaik's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have innovated a electromechanical switch that has the capability to
    (1) communicate a electrical pulse/signal & current to various devices using common valtage by a single action of a switch
    (2) two different pulses/signals to two different devices
    (3) Two different voltages to two groups of devices
    Allthe three actions have zero tolerance for interference between the two signals/voltages or both
  2. I have developed a tooth brush that can revolutnise the way our kids learn to brush their teeth.We adults are die-hard to adapt to the new technology coersing the correct way to brush our teeth.But if you introduce it in kids learning to brush their teeth,they are bound to brush their teeth the correct way.Thisis also under Patent Application.
  3. I have worked on enhancing fuel economy system
  4. I have innovated a 3 in 1 spanner which can operate on wheel bolts,for operating Jack & also as a tow rod
  5. I have developed & applied for Patent Reuseable Refillable spray bottle( Non medical) which may be useful for say gold smiths ( with high pressure air in the bottle) ,or in household for cleaning corners,computer key boards etc.or forartists/painters for filling in liquid colour & then pressurized air to spray paint for limited use.
  6. I have developed a digital miracle that has the potential to halve the number of digital displays that are used in say a cockpit,an operation theater or any where you want to inform two parameters using 1 display unit.