Problem Solver

Sarvesh Dhakal

Sarvesh Dhakal
I am a Civil Engineer and have been working in a Hydropower development since 2 years. I truly insure that I would put all my efforts and assistances I can get to solve the problem I choose

Areas Sarvesh Dhakal is Knowledgeable in:

Civil Engineering structures, Slope Stability Problems, Transportation, Hydropower and other basic civil engineering related problems

Techniques Sarvesh Dhakal Uses:

Being an engineering, I use my knowledge in structures design, stability, Geological , environmental as well as economic factors that affect the design and stability for sustainable structures

Sarvesh Dhakal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am a Civil Engineer.

Sarvesh Dhakal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have deviced way for slope stability By the help of different methods including drainage and bioengineering in One of the road ways in our country, Nepal.
  2. We studied different geological features, structures and as our project during the studies and found out ways of using our skills to solve the different Geological problems in field of Civil eigineering.
  3. I also helped in finding the ways of tackling the busy traffic in our city .