Problem Solver

Satish Singh

Many people who involved themselves in many thing for getting some gain in that subject and finally (not every one) lands into trouble. For them it is required to get suggestion from those who can analyze their position. Some time people from there position get the idea to come out of the problem but others can not. It is just a difference of relativity. Relativity from there own position and from viewer position who can help him and who is out of that condition.

Areas Satish Singh is Knowledgeable in:

Science , philosophy , religion, space , human nature , Computer science and robotics , inter relationship and astrology.

Techniques Satish Singh Uses:

1) Analysis of the problem in depth.

2) Making cases of solutions of both sides (As i believe that every problem has at least 2 solutions , in which one leads to bad effect after long time but good at initial and one leads to good effect after long time but has toughness in initial satge )

3) Studying the matter or person involved in it and what is suitable for him.

4) Studying the good and bad from matter or person.

5) Then apply the solution accordingly.

Satish Singh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analytic skill of matter
  2. Thinking ability on one subject for long time and get appropreate solution of it.

Satish Singh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Personal : selecting a good career for one, I solved career problems of many of my friends and junior students of my contacts by knowing their nature and by asking some questions according to my analysis of their nature.
  2. Professional : In my company i was involved in many problems when there are sudden changes from client side and immediate module requirement in product.
    Depend on that i also got very good salary hike.