Problem Solver

Sharron Jenkins

Sharron Jenkins

Areas Sharron Jenkins is Knowledgeable in:

Chemistry education and online course development
Developing Televised Chemistry courses
Developing Chemistry labs and experiments/textbooks

Techniques Sharron Jenkins Uses:

All of my project involvments required problem solving skills. I am an outstanding research scientist - which is the first skill I employ when approaching a problem. Research involves gathering information, soliciting information from other professionals, and then doing small scale experiments to begin solving the problem.

Sharron Jenkins's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fat and Transfat analysis in foods
  2. Developing undergraduate research labs
  3. Writing grants
  4. Developing international collaborations
  5. Research in HIV/AIDS behavior science
  6. Designing and writing chemistry labs
  7. Writing, developing and publishing chemistry publications (textbooks, labs)
  8. Online course development, design and implementation
  9. Biophysical Chemist - analytical instrumentation
  10. Website development
  11. Professional singer and song writer - released 2 CDS and write and produce material
  12. Expertise in protein structure and function

Sharron Jenkins's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 5) I have developed Chemistry Online, which is in its trial run now. I have developed all labs into a custom kit. Students do all labs from home. The course is linked to Blackboard. This course will also expand internationally - our research shows that students learn as well online as they do offline. The course saves the university time, space and dollars.
  2. 4) I developed an oil science kit for NeoSci publications
  3. 3) I have been hired to write for McGraw Hill on topic such as: urine analysis, AIDS, etc...all which require research.
  4. 1) I developed the first international online course of HIV/AIDS education, prevention and behavior research. The course is a collaboration between the University of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa) and Purdue North Central. Over 1000 students have taken the course. The course is designed to reduce at risk behavior.
  5. 2) For over 10 years I have worked within Devry teams developing course curriculum, custom educational text and material.