Problem Solver

Steven Burke

Most every problem we confront in business is is usually a matter of determining the cost in light of the potential reward. Experience is a wonderful resource that often prevents the more expensive mistakes from occuring.

Areas Steven Burke is Knowledgeable in:

Deal making and contract development for new products.

Steven Burke's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Direct Response Television & Web Marketing
  2. Invention Development
  3. Packaged Goods Sales Promotion
  4. Plastics manufacturing (injection molding)
  5. New product design & development-Consumer focus
  6. Premium based Sales Promotion

Steven Burke's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and invented/patented one of the most successful consumer sales promotion programs in History for Kraft was the Jell-o Easter Egg Mold and over a 7 year period sold Kraft Foods over 40,000,000 units. It increased Jell-o sales in it's first year by over 35%
  2. Took a US based Direct Response company with Canadian Sales of $500k to sales of over $5 million within 2 years of working with them...I still act as their managing director.