Problem Solver

Steven Smith

Areas Steven Smith is Knowledgeable in:

Solar/Wind Power
Dynamo motors to create energy
Wood burning stoves which use wood gasification techniques
Parabellum cooking using the Sun

Steven Smith's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. National Certificate in Countryside Skills

Steven Smith's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Also, discussed with a friend who lectures at Newcastle University my idea of a motor vehicle creating it's own energy whilst moving (through the use of dynamo connected to battery). I was told that the amount of friction/drag produced by having a large dynamo fitted would probably counteract any power saving achieved. This seemed to make sense and I forgot about the idea. Half a year later I saw an advert for a car that creates power as it moves (made by Honda?) - maybe I need someone like yourselves to pass ideas onto so I can find out if they are worth-while.
  2. Have fixed a washing machine, hedge-trimmers and a hair dryer without been shown what to do, so I believe I have a good knowledge of mechanics.
  3. Didn't invent this, but have set up a small Solar Power unit which charges up a car battery, which then can charge small portable devices - mobile phones, mp3 players etc.
  4. Also, came up with an idea for an inner bag for women to put inside their handbag so that all items can be quickly transferred from one bag to another. Told everyone about this idea but didn't really know what to do about it. A couple of months later someone spotted it on a shopping channel - someone had done something about their idea.