Problem Solver

Sung-wei Chen

Areas Sung-wei Chen is Knowledgeable in:

Physics, chemistry, cleantech, energy (storage, generation, solar, chemical & novel modalities), construction, bio-med, gaming

Techniques Sung-wei Chen Uses:

Invention brainstorming, guided (computer) simulation and multiphysics calculations

Sung-wei Chen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Invention and business capabilities across the listed areas

Sung-wei Chen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Solved problems in new molecular entities for wood preservation and wood chemistries, with several patents pending
  2. Performed stategic analyses of technology, markets, and inventions that have led to investment commitments of over US$100MM+ in the last two years
  3. Solved problems in graphene and new materials for electrostatic and battery/fuel cell energy storage, with several patents pending
  4. Solved problems in PDT dosimetry and new PDT therapeutic modalities, with two patents pending and more in progress
  5. I have run brainstorming sessions internationally, leading to over 50 invention disclosures in energy, cleantech, construction, medical devices, and chemistry over the last 24 months