Problem Solver

Tammy Baranoff

Areas Tammy Baranoff is Knowledgeable in:

Clinical microbiology - diseases, prevention and epidemiology

Techniques Tammy Baranoff Uses:

I tend to look at the situation including the resources available and come up with a list of viable solutions. Then start eliminating. I consider myself to be very creative, but have developed rubricks and charts as needed for times when groups are making decisions.

Tammy Baranoff's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. managed microbiology lab for
  2. Clinical microbiologist
  3. 9 years

Tammy Baranoff's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Worked on the design and use of the currently used computer system - and many work arounds that were put into place to fix problems that the developers missed.
  2. Managed 23 clinical microbiologists - from scheduling to solving technical issues.
  3. Implemented many procedures among many departments, including the currently used organisms associated with bioterrorism protocols.
  4. Streamlined workflow and overhauled the quality control program.