Problem Solver

Tennore Ramesh

Tennore Ramesh

Techniques Tennore Ramesh Uses:

Most Molecular and cell biological techniques including expression profiling and genomics techniques, Surgical and drug delivery techniques in mice and fish, transgenesis in mice and fish, development of behavioral assays and animal models of diseases in mice and fish, analytical techniques in genomics, Histological and toxicological analysis of tissue at light, fluorescent and EM in mice and fish. Design and development of research databases (creation of online lab notebook, analysis software for mouse drug studies and pharmacology in sod1 mouse model system), data analysis softwares (Curatox, GeneCalling), creating Microsoft based fish databases (Zebrafish facility database)

Tennore Ramesh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Cell and Molecular Biology
  2. Drug Development
  3. Neurological models of human disease
  4. Genetics

Tennore Ramesh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. • I have built research organization from ground up and enable it to become a leading research organization in Motor Neuron disease.
    • I developed the first adult onset transgenic fish models of neurodegenerative disease.
    • I developed new tools for neurodegeneration study using rodent models
    • I developed screening methods to identify neuroprotective drugs for neurodegeneration with potential for high throughput screening.
    • I developed pharmacogenomic methods to identify issues of drug toxicity prior to market entry and have a patent on this.