Problem Solver

Terry Chan

Terry Chan
Not every question / problem has a solution. But you never know before you try and keep digging it. In many cases, the point is people do not catch the point of the problem. That's why people cannot solve or avoid it...

Areas Terry Chan is Knowledgeable in:

paper stuff (structure), tools design

Terry Chan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. hand sketches, 2D CAD drawing, 3D rendering.

Terry Chan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Designed a kind of playing game board mixed with packaging. It folds up four sides and add on the cover case, instead of regular top-bottom (shoe box) packaging. It saves extra paper for packaging and game menu.
  2. - Made folding paper tray for displaying wood game products for my company to show in trade fairs.
  3. - I've designed a drill cover case (with simple mechanism) to hold and collect the dust when drilling.