Problem Solver

Thavasi Renga Thavasi

Thavasi Renga Thavasi

Areas Thavasi Renga Thavasi is Knowledgeable in:

Applied and environmental microbiology/biotechnology
Biosurfactant technology
Beneficial microbes
Bioremediation/biodegradation technology
Fermentation technology
Environmental microbiology

Techniques Thavasi Renga Thavasi Uses:

1. Understanding of problem
2. Developing a work plan with available knowledge and resources - through literature and previous experience
3. Initiation of collaboration for resources that are not available in my place
4. Co-ordination, brain storming discussion on results obtained and future work plan
5. Completion of task on time with detailed results and report

Thavasi Renga Thavasi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Updated scientific knowledge on Applied and Environmental Microbial Biotechnology
  2. Experienced in theoretical and practical aspects of microbiology
  3. 17 years of research experience in applied microbiology - microbial bioproducts
  4. Currently leading 3 projects on applications of microbial biosurfactants - in agriculture, house cleaning and environmental cle

Thavasi Renga Thavasi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed microbial biosurfactant derived biopescitides
    I developed technology for economical production of microbial biosurfactants