Problem Solver

James Craddock

James Craddock

Areas James Craddock is Knowledgeable in:

I am interested in AI from a philosophical perspective of models that would allow modern AI to function at higher levels. I love data, analysis, and critical thinking. I am a creative who plays guitar and paints, mixes audio both live and in the studio. I am a preacher, philosopher, and servant leader. I love serving. I am a Veteran, Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop, hiker, backpacker, water sports enthusiast, and born survivalist.

Techniques James Craddock Uses:

I think in 4 dimensions. As my books describe, I deploy a 4 dimensional perspective which allows me to see around corners and through barriers.

James Craddock's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Performance Coach
  2. Troubleshooting
  3. Technical Analysis
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Musician
  6. Sales
  7. Marketing
  8. Merchandising
  9. Cook
  10. Web Developer
  11. Author
  12. Musicals Producer
  13. Actor
  14. Traininer
  15. Mortgages

James Craddock's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Working as a Manufacturer's Representative in Silicon Valley during the 90's, I built one of the first websites in our industry and wrote a custom MSAccess database to not only manage our direct sales opportunities, but also to give insight into our distribution network. The result was an increase in sales and the ability to win deals that were otherwise hard to understand.
  2. Working as a corporate Sr Strategy Analyst, I built digital tools to analyze data stored in an AS400 database, to find low performance products across 3,000,000 + SKU's in over 700 retail stores, that needed to be shipped to other stores with better sell-through rates. Analysis of shipping costs and other factors were also considered in order to determine strategic shifts in inventories. The analysis then revealed other trends that informed Category Managers when making purchasing and merchandising decisions.
  3. Working with an embed photographer in Afghanistan, he presented me with 20,000 photographs he had taken over 3 weeks time inside and outside the wire. After sorting through all 20,000 photographs to determine the best ones, we hired Steven Hartov, a New York Time's bestselling author to write the text. In order for Steven to do this, I sat in a hotel room with him for a week and meticulously relayed every sentiment of the embed for the pages of the book. I had to learn photography, the Afghanistan lifestyle, the military's disposition, the Army's gear, rankings, and language (I'm a Navy veteran,) how to layout a storyboard and then how to work with the publisher to publish the book.

    The book "Afghanistan On The Bounce" can be found on Amazon at
  4. I left the NAVY and went to work for an electronics component distributor in Silicon Valley, knowing nothing about the world of wholesale. Within one year I was made the sales manager and led the company to its highest profits ever before or since. As a representative of SICON cables, a chinese manufacturer of technical cables, I designed all those cables that used to connect ATM card readers to their base, at the grocery store. The problem Tandem Computers was having was that they couldn't find a robust enough cable to withstand customer abuse. I solved that problem as a liaison between their production buyers and SICON's engineers to meet the demand of Tandem's requirements. The cables have since been omitted, but that took a complete redesign of the base system, while our cables bought them several years to make that happen.
  5. Apple was using a third party manufacturer to produce modems for their computers, back in 1994 called "Global Village." A design firm that was breaking ground in the transition to V.32 modems operating at 9600 bit/s as V.32bis was standardized, which operated at 14,400 bit/s. Their isolation from lightning strikes shorting out the modem across the tip and ring circuit was an insurmountable issue, when I made a call into their engineering department to suggest they use a through-hole relay that had over 5K ohm isolation across its coil. The result was the largest relay order ever taken through our distributor and a subsequent windfall of business for our relay manufacturer.
  6. I have developed, built businesses around, and marketed several stand alone revolutionary concepts within the fishing industry, spices, digital content marketing, human performance models, and more. I have documented what creativity is and built a robust model around how it works, applied it to a performance coaching model and reduced its entire body of knowledge into a 3 question survey that has accurately deduced the personalities of several hundred test subjects.

    So much so that I wrote a book to document it all...

    Mobius KEY:

    A thorough understanding of these thought models I put forth in my books and white papers, converged with leading AI technologies, would produce the most lifelike and emotionally empathetic robots possible.
  7. I could relay stories about L.E.D. solutions from Kingbright created for Bay Networks, problems I solved for scientist at SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, how my knowledge of lcd's gave Motorola an advantage in their late model pagers, and how I solved design problems around lcd's for the original Tamagotchi virtual pets. I even worked with 3Com when the first Palm Pilot was designed.

    I was in the backroom of almost every engineering department in Silicon Valley from 1992 to 2001, and got to see the PC revolution from the very front row.