Problem Solver

Thomas Kloetzli

Thomas Kloetzli
I simplify the complex and create, collaborate and coin new ways of looking at known issues, issues we will know about in the future as well as come up with issues we didn't know existed. (Yes I did "borrow" that from a former defense secretary).
I am a living sponge of information, the essence tha you can squeeze out of me may help you and your company evolve and/or transform.

Areas Thomas Kloetzli is Knowledgeable in:

ICT, End User Environment
Biofuels, Storage and production

Techniques Thomas Kloetzli Uses:

CCT= controlled chaos technique

Thomas Kloetzli's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Human absorption capability, user adoption
  2. commoditizing networks, cloud networking
  3. Modern Medical Services
  4. Biofuels as a service
  5. industrial Biofuel production and supply chain
  6. Workplace environment, End User Services/Ecosystem, Virtual Workplace
  7. network mashup

Thomas Kloetzli's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. the future office concept, virtual mashup office environment
  2. Telemedicine sans frontiers: bringing top class medical services to any part of the world, using a minimal local footprint
  3. developing industrial size production of solid biofuel for co-firing in coal power plants, thus reducing carbon footprints
  4. developed solutions for innovative billing and clearing of telecoms wholesale products to realtime environment with trading fuctionality