Problem Solver

Thomaz Guisard Restivo

Areas Thomaz Guisard Restivo is Knowledgeable in:

sintering, ceramics, thermal analysis, materials processing and characterization

Techniques Thomaz Guisard Restivo Uses:

Thermal analysis, XRD, SEM, FEG, TEM, flash method, dilatometry

Thomaz Guisard Restivo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. new alloys
  2. materials characterization
  3. instrumentation
  4. ceramics
  5. cermets
  6. kinetics
  7. heat transfer
  8. thermal analysis
  9. sintering
  10. thermal conductivity

Thomaz Guisard Restivo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I devloped a thermal diffusivimeter to measure thermal diffusivity and conductivity in any kind of material, liquid or solid, which is also modular to accommodate a thermal conductance sensor and others
  2. I developed a reduction process for obtaining reactive metals directly in an alloy form from very stable oxides
  3. I develop new alloys greater than 900 HRV with good ductility, corrosion resistance and stability
  4. I can develop and build new process methods, reactors, simulations, standarized methods and prototypes for materials chemistry, metallurgy and ceramics
  5. I developed a sintering method for densify ceramics and cermets at low temperature up to 1200°C
  6. I developed a new solid oxide fuel cell anode and electrolyte that allow high electrocatalytic performance and avoid poisoning under reforming conditions
  7. I can manage characterization programs beside several labs where I am associated reseracher
  8. I idealize a new calorimeter 10k times more sensitive allowing to measure inside the reacting system very low energies