Tony Contento star Top Solver

Tony Contento

Tony Contento's Training:

I am a trained scientist and university lecturer. My specialties are protein biochemistry and plant cell biology. I have also been involved in online education for over six years, requiring the ability to connect with students and faculty with few to no face-to-face meetings. I have had significant on-the-job training in group management and team leadership, including two years of difficult dialogues workshops.

Tony Contento's Experience:

1) Twenty-seven years of academic research in the biological sciences.
2) Twenty years laboratory management, including accounting and safety management.
2) Sixteen years university instruction, including six years of online/distance education.
3) Six years of university administration, specifically course design and textbook committees.
4) Five years of working with the publishing industry in textbook design.
5) Two years of difficult dialogues training and workshops.

Tony Contento's Experience with Online Groups:

I have been an instructor for online classes for over 16 years. I have been involved with the publishing industry, which consisted of telecommuting and phone meetings, but no face-to-face meetings. I have also been a Program Manager for General Education for Colorado State University's Global Campus, a position which also required faculty and student advising in a completely digital forum.